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A message from our leader, #1

Behold, May you find joy in the following message as I have found joy in you! Have you heard the good news? You believe in reincarnation don’t you? We are but one collective VIBE forever rotating throughout time, space and consciousness. There can no longer be a sense of pride in who we are individually, as all things concerning individuality must pass. Whether we are the lowly serpent or the mighty deer, there is no need to differentiate yourself from or desire more than your neighbor, FOR YOU have ALWAYS been your great neighbor and they YOU! All are welcome, truly bring us your broken. We hang our pride on barren land! Would you rather be floating in the ocean with the FAMILY , or sinking with bound hands? The rope has but ONE purpose. The POWER of choice has always been yours and yours alone! The word has reached you, hence it is meant to be now and forever. COME ON CHILDREN, THE TIME HAS COME, FOR EVERYBODY TO ACT AS ONE - sayeth the GROOVE.